Creating Opportunity in Arkansas

Chris Jones wants to spread opportunity all over the state to help improve the lives of every Arkansan.

Chris speaking at a podium

My Promise to Arkansas

The Promise of Arkansas is the Faith that together we can address our challenges. It is the Hope that unified we make space for all Arkansans to live out our unique potential. It is the Hard Work of change in our souls and in our lives. The promise begins by spreading PB&J across the state—expanding preschool to all families, affordable broadband for every home, and economic development focused on creating high wage jobs.

  • The Promise for Broadband in Arkansas

    All Arkansans deserve dependable internet -— whether for telemedicine, for school, for work, or for small business, and Chris Jones wants every Arkansan to have access.

  • The Promise for Arkansans Who Rent Their Homes

    Our homes are at the center of our lives, there’s almost nothing more important. Arkansas has the worst laws for renters in the nation. Chris Jones believes that Arkansans should have a right to a basic standard of safe living standards.

  • The Promise for Solar Energy in Arkansas

    Arkansas is home to some of the most cutting-edge technology in solar energy. We need a governor that uplifts and supports this industry so that Arkansas stays competitive.

  • The Promise for Good Water Systems

    Whether it’s irrigating fields, maintaining flooded timber for duck season, or ensuring we have clean drinking water in our towns and cities, we need to make the best of the historic investments coming in from the bipartisan federal infrastructure bill.

  • The Promise for Environmental Justice

    No residential community should be made to suffer unintended or hidden impacts of potentially hazardous industry in their backyards. Economic development and developing our communities should always go hand in hand.

  • The Promise to Support Economic Development and Jobs

    Building the Arkansas economy starts with good jobs for everyone that wants one—and Chris Jones plans to invest in businesses, infrastructure, and education programs to realize this goal.

  • The Promise to Boost Small Business in Arkansas

    Chris Jones will invest in building stronger infrastructure for financially stable businesses, cutting unnecessary regulatory burdens, and supporting entrepreneurship – especially for homegrown Arkansas businesses

  • The Promise to Revitalize Main Street

    A vibrant Main Street can make or break the soul and spirit of any town. Chris Jones plans to boost local businesses and economies by supporting historic business centers and building infrastructure to protect our communities.

  • The Promise for Agriculture

    Arkansas farmers are the backbone of this state and define who we are and what we stand for. As Governor, Chris Jones will put family farms first and protect their interests. That includes supporting modern agricultural technologies and sustainable solutions.

  • The Promise to Invest in American Manufacturing

    Chris Jones supports building the strong, educated, and skilled workforces and communities that make this state a desirable destination for economic development for companies from across the globe.

  • The Promise for Responsible COVID Recovery

    As governor, Chris Jones will guide the state through a responsible recovery that prioritizes health, children’s learning, and protection of the rights of local business owners.

  • The Promise for Eldercare

    Arkansas has an aging population. Chris Jones plans to help families find the resources they need to care for their loved ones and to ensure high standards of care and excellent staffing at nursing homes

  • The Promise to Improve Resources for Mental Health

    Arkansas can do more to build resources for mental healthcare in our state, and to attract mental health professionals to underserved communities throughout the state.

  • The Promise for Prescription Medicine

    Everyone deserves access to the medicine they need to live a healthy life. Chris Jones plans to help to make prescription drugs more affordable. There’s no room for red tape or cutting corners when it comes to your health.

  • The Promise for Fiscal Responsibility

    Government should never be about running up bills and creating debt. As governor, Chris Jones will be committed to being a responsible steward of our tax dollars and resources.

  • The Promise to Bring People Together In Government

    Chris Jones is here to prove that politics does not have to be divisive and destructive, and that as a candidate he can call for accountability while uniting Arkansas. We solve our problems by bringing people together, to find what works, to move us all forward.